Evoline socket

Evoline is perfect for kitchen island units or particular areas that are awkward to access, providing a functional and unobtrusive power supply.

Mounted in any surface, when not in use the EVOline presents a semi-flush, smooth & stylish appearance, optimising available surface area whilst providing ready access to connections.

Gentle pressure tips the cover to allow you to pull up the EVOline Port to expose power sockets for connection.

After connection & organising the cables the Port is easily returned to the work surface allowing the cables to neatly emerge from the pivoted cover.

The port can be mounted in different ways into a 102mm diameter hole in a surface of maximum 50mm thickness.
In a work surface where the port is raised vertically
In the base of a wall cabinet, the port would be pulled downwards
In a vertical panel so that the port is pulled out horizontally

Length:340mm Width:94mm Diameter:90mm Hole Cut:102mm

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