Blum 973A0500

BLUMOTION, combined with Blum?s well established quality, gives the consumer new benefits and peace of mind. Each time a door is closed they will be reminded of the exceptional quality of their cabinets.



A look behind the scenes at the BLUMOTION adaptive system:
The braking system expands according to the force and this regulates the travel speed of the mechanism.
This technology enables BLUMOTION to adjust itself automatically to each door size, weight and closing speed.


  • Perfect closing motion every time due to adaptability. 
  • The integrated overload safety feature protects the BLUMOTION system from damage through abuse. 
  • BLUMOTION lasts the lifetime of the cabinet ? ensuring that your customers remain satisfied.
  • Min order amount x 5

Please Note this piston is designed to fit a Blum75T1550. If you require a Hinge as well please see are Blum range of hinges. We have 1000s in stock

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