Bedroom carcases

Bedroom carcases

Carcase Manufacturing

Current lead times going into 2022 will be 28 days for January which will drop back down to 21 or less for Carcase deliveries.

Currently the Bedroom The sections being repriced.

As well as the standard kitchen carcasses featured on our website,


WJSkitchenwarehouse also offer bespoke units.

  • Our manufacturing team can produce cabinets any size, height, width, depth and combination.
  • Choose from a great range of styles and finishes which provide all kinds of storage solutions.
  • Our kitchen units come rigid built which means you can spend less time and effort constructing flat pack furniture.


  • All cabinets are manufactured from 18mm thick high-density MFC
  • Back panels are produced in 18mm MFC
  • Units are produced using CAD computer controlled machinery to give a consistently accurate build quality which is Recognised within the industry
  • All boards used are colour coordinated on both sides, thus eliminating the requirement for end finishes and providing a product coloured inside and out
  • Most Egger board colours available 100 (we are able to match most other door colours)
  • All exposed edges are finished using either 0.4mm or 2mm ABS edging
  • All base & wall units are manufactured rigid Cam & Dowel construction, tall units and wardrobes will be delivered in flat pack form
  • Bedroom base units have 100mm adjustable legs with sockets which provide end panel support.
  • Colour co-ordinated MFC plinths are supplied in 2400mm lengths
  • A 27mm void is provided at the rear of base units and a 9mm void is provided at the rear of wall units to allow easy wiring
  • Base units are 500mm deep, wall units are 300mm Deep (excluding doors)
  • Wall units are supplied with concealed hanging brackets and wall mounting plates with full adjustment.
  • All hinges are the Blum clip-on type & Blum soft close with full three-way adjustment
  • All standard bedroom drawer packs are supplied with Blum Metabox with Ivory Drawer Box or Legrobox and colour coordinated base.
  • All drawer boxes are factory fitted


You will note that the range of product variables is extensive and exclusive. Any cabinet configurations outside these parameters will be treated as a special construction and subject to individual pricing.

To order a kitchen in a custom size please email us with exact dimensions you require. Where drawer units are concerned, decreases in their depth will be governed by the dimensions of available drawer mechanisms.

The term 'standard product' refers to all trade kitchen products detailed within the price list and supplied without any amendment or alteration.

It is strongly recommended that any such quotes are obtained well in advance of your intended installation date.


Egger Boards and codes.

    New Egger Colours for 2022 Carcase Colours

    Alabaster White U104 ST27
    Alabaster White U104 ST9
    Alpine White W1100 ST9
    Aluminium F509 ST2
    Anthracite Fin3line Metallic H3190 ST19
    Anthracite Linen F433 ST10
    Anthracite Metal Fabric F121 ST38
    Anthracite Mountain Rock H3406 ST38
    Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak H316 ST38
    Beige Textile F416 ST10
    Black Glazed Halifax Oak H3146 ST19
    Black Gold Metal Slate F629 ST16
    Black U999 ST2
    Black - Brown Sorano Oak H1137 St12
    Brown Orleans Oak H1379 ST36
    Brushed Aluminium F501 ST2
    Carbon Grey U968 ST9
    Cascine Pine H1401 ST22
    Cashmere Grey U702 ST27
    Cashmere Grey U702 ST9
    Coco Bolo H3012 ST22
    Crema Beige U222 ST22
    Daker Grey U717 ST27
    Daker Grey U717 ST9
    Denim Grey U540 ST9
    Elmu Beech H1582 ST15
    Fjord Green U636 ST27
    Fjord Green U636 ST9
    Glazier White W1300 ST9
    Graphite Denver Oak H1387 ST10
    Graphite Grey U961 ST2
    Graphite Grey U961 ST27
    Graphite Wood H1123 ST22
    Grey Bardolino Oak H1146 ST10
    Grey-Brown-White River Oak H1313 ST10
    Grey Nebraska Oak H332 ST10
    Grey Santa Fe Oak H1331 ST10
    Grey Textile F417 ST10
    Grey Vincenza Oak H3158 ST19
    Grey Beige Gladstone Oak H3326 ST28
    Indigo Blue U599 St9
    Kaisersberg Oak H3349
    Lava Grey U741 ST9
    Light Cefalu Concrete F823 ST10
    Light Grey Chicago Concrete F186 ST9
    Light Grey U708 ST27
    Light Grey U708 ST9
    Light Lakeland Acacia H1277 ST9
    Light Sorano oak H1334 ST9
    Lincoln Walnut H1714 ST9
    Mali Wenge H1714 ST9
    Metal Inox F500 ST20
    Monument Grey U780 ST9
    Mussel U100 ST27
    Natural Anthor Oak H3330 ST36
    Natural Bardolino Oak H1145 ST10
    Natural Carini Walnut H3710 ST12
    Natural Davos oak H313 ST12
    Natural Dijon Walnut H3734 ST 9
    Natural Halifax Oak H1180 ST37
    Natural Hickory Oak H3303 St10
    Natural Lancaster Oak H3368 ST 9
    Natural Nebrasha Oak H3331 ST10
    Natural Pacific Walnut H3700 ST10
    Natural Savona H1796 ST10
    Navarra Ash H1250 ST36
    Oiled Kendal Oak H3171 ST12
    Pasadena Pine H1486 ST36
    Perl Grey U763 ST9
    Perl Grey U763 ST27
    Pewter Halifax oak H3176 ST37
    Platinum White W980 ST2 
    Platinum White W980 SM
    Porcelain White W1200 ST27
    Porcelain White W1200 ST9
    Sand Beige U156 ST9
    Sand Gladstone Oak H3309 ST28
    Sand Grey Glazed Halifax Oak H1336 ST36
    Sand Orleans Oak H1377 ST36
    Sepia Gladstone Oak H3342 ST38
    Shadow Black U998 ST38
    Shorewood H3090 ST22
    Silver Grey Metal Slate F628 ST 16
    Smoke Blue U507 ST27
    Stone Grey U727 ST27
    Stone Grey U727 ST9
    Taupe Grey U750 ST9
    Tobacco Halifax oak H1181 ST37
    Tobacco Pacific Walnut H3702 ST10
    Truffle Brown Branson Robinia H1253 ST19
    Truffle Denver oak H1389 ST10
    Truffle Davos oak H3133 SR12
    Vanilla Yellow U108 ST9
    Vintage Santa Fe Oak H1330 ST10
    White Chromix F636 ST16
    White Gladstone Oak H3335 ST28
    White Grey U775 ST9
    White Halifax oak H1176 ST32
    White Levanto Marble F812 ST9
    White Mountain Larch H3403 ST38
    Whitewood H1122 ST22

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